Introduction to peaceofmindguy.

January 1, 2011 • peaceofmindguy

Hello world.  This is my first post of many to come.  I am excited about capturing my thoughts on a digital journal.  Let me introduce myself to you as Will.  For the purpose of the blog, my signature will be peaceofmindguy.  This is a persona created for the purposes of promoting and educating others on a client experience I strive for everyday at Spectrum Restoration.  Below is a brief history on my career experience:

My career began at Life Associates, a company that offered investment options to government agencies.  My primary role was to educate clients on their options when retirement came near, and try to help them make sound decisions based on their current and future lifestyle.  It was my first experience with sales and I fell in love with the idea of a job centered around freedom; free to make the money I wanted as well as freedom to make it my way.  I then sought a future in the healthy living industry through herbal life.  This venture was partnered with a government job as letter carrier for the post office.  It was soon after all of this I found my calling back to sales in a new industry.

My official first day at Spectrum was on the Fourth of July.  I was an entry-level tech learning the ropes of disaster clean up.  I was given a first hand look at helping others in a time of need.  It was soon after that my passion for sales was reignited and united with a new passion for becoming a solution partner for those in need.

I’ve been in the business to business market representing Spectrum now for a few years and am continuing to grow into new responsibilities.  My sales focus is now coupled with a marketing position that has future possibilities of becoming 100% head deep in leading the marketing front.  This is one step closer to my dream job of ultimately taking my life experiences in sales and marketing and converting them into experience that can build my consulting firm.  That is my career in a nutshell.

My goal is that you’ve enjoyed my first post.  I hope we have the pleasure to meet someday.