Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Why Anyone Cares About It

March 8, 2011 • blue collar ceo

When people think of purpose, goals and planning, commercial carpet cleaning is not the first thing that comes to anyones mind. Big surprise. -So why start 2011 with one of the most mundane parts of life and business cycle? Well, I am partial to carpet cleaning, being the CEO of a cleaning and restoration firm in Chicago, but besides that I see a few more reasons to add carpet cleaning to the priority list.

Business is about culture, helping people and driving results. Branding, image and sustainability are all buzz words that we hear daily, even hourly if you are a partaker in the social media takeover. With all the talk about who we are and what we communicate about our companies it is only fair to address the first and sometimes largest part of what people see and work around on a daily basis in the office- carpet. I know- who cares- really? But wait…we all care about that first impression, about our indoor air quality, about the work environment for our team and clients.

Commercial carpet cleaning helps companies accomplish their goals everyday in the same way your business attire and personal presentation helps open doors with prospects. Consider: “Who you are is reflected in how you present yourself and in your business -perception is reality.” What is your carpet saying to your people? to your clients? to your prospects? Want some help? ask the carpet whisperers- that’s what we do and that is why we care.