Why you should care.

March 1, 2011 • peaceofmindguy

So now you’ve read two of the posts from my blog and our wondering what a disaster clean up company has to do with you. Did you know what is at the heart of all disaster clean up companies?  Carpet cleaning. Still confused?  We matter to you if you’ve ever walked into a building and noticed a prestige environment.  A gorgeous hotel you stayed at on your honey moon, a government high rise that just smells clean or even a brand name department store with shiny racks of clothes.  All of the facilities that we are in everyday take it upon themselves to connect with contractors like Spectrum because they have an image to uphold.  We help them achieve the image they want their customers to perceive.

This image of high standards can be achieved through many different methods.  Spectrum focuses on floor care and indoor air quality (IAQ)  There is evidence that carpet cleaning has been around since the 19th century.  It’s obvious that people realized that the floor we walk on indoors should be maintained differently than the outside world.  Those who picked up on this trait were a step ahead of the game when it came to creating a place people wanted to come back to.  Today, it has just become a standard across the board.  But not only is it enough to have clean carpets, but the air we breathe must be clean has well.  That’s where most people don’t know that cleaning the carpets actually improves indoor air quality.  We remove contaminants from the carpet that gets kicked into the air everyday.  It’s a dual-edged sword.

Laying aside a connection to you through the green channel, Spectrum will always have the “What if?” factor.  Translation.  We are a disaster clean up company.  We deal with “unknowns, what ifs, and what now” everyday.  Imagine your sump pump burns out while you’re on vacation and your brand new finished basement, complete with in-home theater, workout room, and kids play room are all become flooded.  What do you do?  You might say that won’t happen to you.  Do you know anyone that has happened to?  You might be able to answer no to that, but the stats don’t lie when they say the average home has some kind of flood every twenty-two years.  You could almost say we live in time bombs, waiting to fix the next thing broken.

That’s why Spectrum might be a company you at least kind of want to know.  We might not ever clean your carpets, but we’ll be here for when the rains come.  You can also take preventive measures to minimize future damage.  We help people find solutions to help prevent it everyday.  We work with many great contractors in every field, and pride ourselves on being solution artists. Listen, we love repeat customers, because it communicates that we did something right to win your trust.  But there is plenty of work out there without the repeat customers, so we would rather help you prevent another head ache and maybe you tell ten of your friends about us when they need help.

I hope you can see that we are all connected in some way.  Have a great day!