I’m new here.

May 20, 2011 • communication maven

Pleased to meet you! My proper name and title is Margaret Joray, Client Experience Professional at Spectrum Restoration. But I’m okay with Meggie.

I’ve been with Spectrum for a few months now, and am beginning to feel like I have a handle on most of what goes on here- which trust me, is a lot! Business is not too overwhelming, but booming would be a safe word. There are many different areas of service we cover, and being in the office requires a decent understanding of all those services. Coming into this position, I had no idea what kind of equipment was required to steam extract carpets, how insurance adjustors process water damage projects, or whether it was possible to remove “strange odors” from an apartment! It’s been an enjoyable learning process so far, and I can’t wait to share the continuing journey with you here.

While I haven’t been in this particular industry long, my history includes lots of work with the public. I have worked retail in an office supply store and three different bookstores (yes, I’m a bookworm), as well as in the service industry as a Starbucks Barista. After graduating from NIU with a degree in Communications, I assisted in a Montessori classroom for four years. Though I love working with children, I’m excited for this career shift, which allows me to put my education and skills to use.

The opportunity to participate in this company blog is a pretty big deal for me, as writing happens to be one of my passions. Some of my favorite coursework in school included creating web copy, TV scripts, commercials, and news stories. In the future, I hope to focus my talents and spend more time designing, writing, and editing. Being a grammar nerd seems to come as part of the bookworm package! It’s amazing to see how the world of the written word is being affected by the blogosphere- thanks for welcoming me into it.


Meggie – “Communication Maven”