June 27, 2011 • mr ocd

People are tricky. Employees, co-workers, clients, whatever. Why? Why
is it that people can be tricky?

Variety. Nobody is the same, so there’s not easy pattern to follow.
Our culture is a mish-mash of personalities, so many unique and
different from our own. And we all know that our OWN personality is
the best… hehe.

Tunnel vision. Blinders. Whatever you want to call it. It’s what most
of us see through (unless you’re a real-life angel). We see the world
ONLY through our very own eyes. So when MY world gets knocked around a
little bit, even though it’s not nearly as bad as the single mother
living in a war zone trying to parent 5 kids, it’s relative to what I
know and experience on a daily basis.

So when I walk onto a worksite and come face to face with a guy
freaking out about how much water just flooded two stories down into
his basement, I just remind myself that this is HIS life, not mine.
This is his world, I’m entering into it, and I need to tread
delicately, I need to respect his environment. This is value.

I’ll dry his house out, sure. But possibly even better than that I’ll
empathize with him in HIS world, in HIS chaos. And 3-months later
after all the chaos returns to normal, he’ll remember me for being
chill about things. He’ll remember the time he lit up, directing
anger, frustration, and stress at the only person around, Mister
Water-Sucker Guy, and he’ll remember how Mister Water-Sucker Guy
didn’t flinch, but continued to offer consistent direction and
service, despite the ego-beating.

So to all the Mister Water-Sucker Guys out there that get knocked
around from time to time, props to you. It pays off in the end.